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Refrigerator art!

Refrigerator art by Rachel Dickson, www.racheldickson.comIn the spirit of creating some new pieces of art...I thought it might be fun to create some "art for the frig".

Turns out...it has been fun to paint these pieces.

What are they exactly? Acrylic abstracts on a small 2 inch by 2 inch ceramic tile that has a magnet fixed to the back for easy display.

I'm exploring various color pallettes so stay tuned for many more of these little pieces of original art to come!

Also note that the six newest pieces that I've painted all feature the 2014 Pantone Color of the year "Radiant Orchid."  Who KNEW that painting with pink could be so fun!

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The Mountains are Calling!

The Mountains are Calling, by Artist Rachel DicksonI couldn't help myself. Yes, I think most artists reach for some part of themselves when it comes to what content we choose to paint.

And for me? Well, the mountains are always calling. Regardless if you live in the midst of them or not

This abstract landscape was inspired by the mountains of Tennessee.

Acrylic on wood, this piece is painted with a silver background and hues of purple, blue and green.

"The Mountains are Calling" measures 4.00 inches tall by 7.00 inches wide and is acrylic painted on wood. Love abstracts? Me too! VERY affordably priced at $25.00, this piece would make a fabulous artistic addition to your collection!

Click here to learn more about Rachel's painting "The Mountains are Calling"

Onward and upward for the arts!




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 Nature's Art

There's something very innocent and pure about wild birds. Securing the Perimeter (red-winged black bird) by Artist Rachel DicksonThese little wild birds truly are representative of nature's innocence. This painting by artist Rachel Dickson depicts a Red-Winged Black Bird vigilantly securing its perimeter and protecting its nearby nest.

Securing the Perimeter measures 5.00 inches by 4.50 inches and is acrylic painted on wood for a rustic flair. Have artsy friends or family? Original art makes a fabulous gift! This piece would also make a fabulous artistic addition to anyone's work space or home!

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HOLY Hot Pepper!

Yep, I can understand why you might think I'm referring here to the hot New original art by artist Rachel Dickson, www.racheldickson.comtemperatures we've all been enduring outside lately. But...no. I'm talking about a paint color.

I learned of this new color recently, hot pepper orange. And since it seems to be trending in the decor market especially when coupled with aqua blue, I decided to experiment. And what fun indeed!

So far I've created three new paintings using a combination of grays, aqua blue, and hot pepper orange.

To view these and all my other paintings for sale click here or click on the "rachel's ART" link at the very top of this page.

And hey, the way I see it, if it's gonna be hot outside...we might as well incorporate hot into our art right?

Onward and upward for the arts!







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007 Inspired Art?

James Bond as 007Original paintings are in and of themselves mostly cool, and the inspiration for new creations can come from just about anywhere. This new piece was inspired by none other than James Bond and all those crazy-wild opening credit sequences we've all seen while watching 007 movies.

Essence, by Artist Rachel DicksonThis colorful abstract painting titled "Essence" is fresh out of Rachel's art studio!

6.75 inches by 6.25 inches this piece would make a fabulous artistic addition to your work space or home collection!

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Onward and upward for the arts!



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Figuratively Speaking

Abstract paintings are by far my favorite genre of art, but not only do I collect abstracts myself but also enjoy painting new abstracts too. Yet another of personal favorites is figurative work. Essence II, by artist Rachel Dickson, www.racheldickson.comHowever, since the subject of figurative art is worthy of it's own blog post I'll skip it for now and get right to the point.

Introducing my latest abstract figurative painting. Titled "Essence II" it measures 9.25" by 14.25" and is painted with acrylic on wood in hues of gray, hot pepper orange and aqua blue. (hot HOT trending colors in the current home decor market!)

Affordably priced at only $45.00 this piece is waiting to be added to your personal art collection.



Click to view more details and to purchase "Essence II"



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