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Gearing up for Spring!

Won't be long and the songbirds will be returning to a birdhouse near you! This particular birdhouse I built last year prior to learning that opening (hole) size matters.  Specifically when you are trying to attract a specific bird (like a bluebird for example) hole size is very VERY important.

So in the next few weeks I will be placing a smaller opening in the form of a cap over this current opening to shrink it slightly. Why?

Well, because last year...starlings claimed this birdhouse as their nesting spot. And little did I know at the time that starlings and bluebirds don't get along. And about 75 feet away I put up another birdhouse that the bluebirds claimed. (Smaller opening hole size).  Fortunately, between the defensive abilities of daddy bluebird and also the smaller opening the starlings weren't able to harm any of the bluebird babies (although not because they didn't try).

So...now yes, I'm a bit biased towards bluebirds and not-so-much toward starlings. Hoping my attempt to thwart starlings nesting here by shrinking the opening hole will be a success.  Time will tell.

Meanwhile I'm planning on building some new birdhouses based upon my "nature testing lab" (ie, my backyard) and what I've learned as to what works and what doesn't to attract certain types of songbirds.  So far I've had good success with house wren and bluebird house designs.

Stay tuned as I'm planning on putting them up for sale soon.

Rachel Dickson




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      Rachel's Cardinal Art

Cardinals by Rachel Dickson, www.racheldickson.comI'm HUGE fan of songbirds! And from what I'm gathering, so are many of you.  And it seems a favorite of most is the male Northern Cardinal.

I have plans to create many new pieces of "Cardinal art" throughout the winter season so stay tuned for updates here, on my art page and on my blog.

These guys are so much fun to paint as you can't help but notice that each of their black masks are slightly different. We usually just see red...but note the minute details of these guys the next time you spot one.

You'll be amazed at the variations!





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      Wine Art Anyone?

Wine Art by Rachel Dickson, www.racheldickson.comI originally created this piece for a wine label contest...but now it hangs in the dining room of a friends home. (Funny how my plans for a piece usually morph into its own thing.)

There are quite a few local wineries popping up in my area of Northwest Ohio.  So why not join in the fun right?  Wine and Art ALWAYS go together!  

I have plans to create new pieces of "Wine art" throughout the next many months and into the Spring so stay tuned for updates here, on my art page and on my blog.

Sorry if you're a white whine fan...I tend to paint reds.  Red wine is so very eye-catching in a painting...especially when songbirds are in the mix too!





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